General FAQs

Surrendering Your Pet

Exhaust All Avenues to Find Your Pet a Home

We receive many animals throughout the year, especially during the spring and summer months. We are a full service shelter and we do not turn any animal away. You should use the shelter as a last resort. Try to place the pet with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or a rescue group first. You can also place an ad in the paper using the words “looking for a good home” instead of ” free to good home”. If you  call us ahead of time we can put an ad on our bulletin board and check our request list to see if we have anybody looking for your particular pet.

If you decide to relinquish ownership of your pet to the shelter we will do everything we can to find the animal a home. Space, health and temperament all dictate how long the animal will stay at the shelter. They will continue to be available for as long as possible. We will not provide any information about the disposition of the animal once you surrender it and we do not call prior to euthanasia.

​Dog Licensing

Please contact your Town Clerk’s Office.

Locating your Lost Pet

Contact your Town’s Animal Control Officer 

Visit Shelter Facebook page to check for postings of found animals.

What to do when you find a Stray Animal

Contact your Town’s Animal Control Officer 

Spay & Neutering of Pets